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  • A Delightful Journey With Planet Spark

    I have been associated with Planet Spark since 2021, its been a great journey with my kids.

  • Gain Financial Independence While Working At Planetspark

    Planetspark has given me the opportunity to be financially independent. I can take care of my family even while working

  • Work As Per Your Comfort Zone At PlanetSpark

    PlanetSpark give me the opportunity to work as per my availability, comfort and convenience. Due to this I was able to enjoy my maternity phase as well as was able to follow my passion of teaching.

  • An Opportunity To Follow My Passion Towards Teaching At Planetspark.

    As they say if you follow your passion it follows you back and it is just because of planetspark I could follow my dream.

  • An Opportunity To Reach Out To Different Students All Over The Globe Through Planetspark

    It all began in 2021, when I wanted it the most. Planetspark is the best thing happened to me, where I interacted and taught students all over the Globe.

  • Streamlined Work Process And A Great Work Culture At PlanetSpark

    If Teaching is your passion and you teach to make a difference then one stop junction is Planetspark. We Create Confident Speakers

  • Planetspark-An opportunity to endure my passion for teaching.

    A bridge connecting students around the globe. A creative way to enhance your career.

  • Post Pandemic Career Changes Through PlanetSpark

    A breakthrough post-pandemic with the help of PlanetSpark. Convert your passion to financial support.

  • My Unstoppable Teaching Experience At Planetspark!!

    Teaching=Passion for me. From physical school to online teaching!! Sharing my amazing journey with you all..Hope it helps you in changing your life goals, just like me!!